We offer indoor and outdoor construction and renovation services in most parts of South and North Savonia. Freshly built houses, cottages as well as extensions to your wood framed home will be released on the building site. With our gathered experience the roof and exterior will enjoy upgraded insulation and a well maintained look. Modern appeal and practical functionality will be refurnished in the interiors and kitchen, without forgetting stylish porches and comfortable sun pampered terraces. Whether the task in question is to demolish and rebuild entire sections or lesser touch-up work, you will receive thorough service.
With the customer we will agree on colors and choices of material. Structural decisions will be reasoned well and the progress communicated. Contract agreements are easy to understand, work will be timed according to a plan and will be documented with pictures. Our prices are competitive as our company doesn't have unnecessary intermediates or a wide organisation.

It is very important for us that nothing is left unclear.
Please feel free to enlighten us about the project you need done, more information about our values or experience will be gladly provided over the phone or email.

Phone: +358505058818
Email: torppajakartano@gmail.com